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Collectible Coins

Signature Collectibles would like to introduce our Collectible Coins. This is our way of expressing our gratitude for all current and new customers. Its the ideal way to earn rewards on your favourite items, here on our site.


How much can I earn?

For every £1 Spent you will earn 5 Collectible Coins.

For example, any item that is £10 you will receive 50 Collectible Coins.

Create an Account = 250 Collectible Coins

Birthday = 100 Collectible Coins


How can I spend them?

All Collectible Coins can be used at any point and the only minimum amount required is 100 Coins. 
Maximum amount per order is 1000 Coins (£10)

They can be used on any order you wish, you dont have to use all of them either! They can only be used in increments of 100 Coins.

Please note that Collectible Coins and Discount Codes cannot be used in conjunction with one another.


How much are they worth?

When you come to use your collectible coins

100 points = £1.

For example, if you spend 100 Collectible Coins you will receive £1 off your order.